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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.
Bridget Marie
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James Counts


Polo Jones  & MEMG’s Team Of Dedicated Hands-On Specialists And Veterans From The Music, Entertainment, Media Broadcast And High-Technology Industries Offer Corporate Clients/Artists A Level Of Professionalism And Cross-Functional Knowledge Which Is Unsurpassed By Others In The Industry.

Once A Project And Budget Have Been Defined, A Team Is Assigned To Work Closely With Each Client/Artist So As To Ensure They Receive “Best Of Class” Services And Products Utilizing Both In-House Capabilities As Well As It’s Global Network Of Affiliates And Partners.

In Short, MEMG Works Closely With All It’s  Clients/Artist At Every Stage Of Their Project’s Development and Execution. The Following Are Just A Few Of The Typical Services We Offer Our  Clients/Artists.

Front-End Services And Support:

-Producing, Recording & Distributing Your Music CD, DVD Or Online Content
-Scripting/Story-boarding & Shooting  Your  Music/Product Video Or DVD
-Assistance In The Development & Arrangement Of Client Ideas/Material
-Musician/Vocalist/Technical Support On Client Studio Projects & Tours
-Provide Management of Rehearsal Facilities & Set/Stage Design Expertise
-Provide Vocal Coaches, Choreographers & Performance Related Guidance
-Offering Private/Group Clinics & Hands-On Training Programs.
-Develop Brand Awareness, Marketing Strategies & Media Campaigns
-Provide Legal Assistance In Licensing, Contract Negotiations, Copyright, etc.

Back-End  Services And Support:

-Developing Online Initiatives For Web Marketing And eCommerce
-Develop Merchandising Strategies & Licensing Partnerships
-Aligning Artists With Sponsors & Negotiating Endorsement Contracts
-Organizing & Managing Public Appearances, Interviews, Promo Activities
-Provide/Contract Production Personnel & Equipment For Performances
-Working w/Promoters, Venues & Ticketing Agencies (Tours & Performances)

In Short, MEMG Provides Pretty Much Everything The Artist or Client  Needs To  Develop a Cohesive, Comprehensive  Marketing & Promotion Campaign  Which Will effectively Reach Their Target Audiences And Markets!!

We Do Everything Possible To Ensure Our Corporate Clients New Product Launch and/or  Rollout Is Successful And Profitable. Our Primary Goals For Artists Are To Optimize  Their Marketability  And Improve The Quality Of  Performance As Well as Help The Artist Control Project Costs, Stay Within Budget While Striving To Achieve Their Original Artistic Goals And Objectives.


MEMG Is A Collective Group Of Individuals And Organizations Which Consist Of Socially Conscious Artists, Business Administrators & Technical Production Experts Which Support And Participate In Various Social Justice And Humanitarian Causes We Think Are Important.

We Believe An Artists Awareness Of The World As A Unified Global Community Is Central To All Of Our Career Development Programs. Our “Music For World Healing” Programs Have Included Efforts In The Organizing & Support Of Disaster Relief Benefit Concerts Which Include Performances By Key MEMG Artists And Many Established Music Industry Luminaries.

Many Artists May Find Their DIY (Do It Yourself) Project Can Get Them “To The Door”…..But Polo Jones and his team, utilizing “best of class” practices, artist development and support methodologies….CAN GET YOU “THROUGH THAT DOOR!”…Others Have Found Out Just How Hard It Is To Keep Up With The Jones!

Please send all inquiries regarding MEMG-ECP to either Harri Maki or Rob Lopes via the form located on the contact page of this website .  Or visit the new 3D Interactive  MEMG-ECP  Flash Website under development at our sister-site

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Lane Baldwin
Lane Baldwin - Bassist and Blues Artist
Sol Drop

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