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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.

Released the new promotional single “It ‘s delicate.”

He was awarded the Telegatto of platinum SMILES AND SONGS for the diffusion of Italian music abroad.

Is released on DVD “WE ARE THE FUTURE” for the 2004 concert organized by Quincy Jones at the Circus Maximus in Rome, Sugar sings “Everybody’s got to learn sometimes” and “Baila Morena” with Fher of Mana.

Participate in the presentation of disk Irene Fornaciari “DIZZINESS IN FLOWER” which is an arranger and author of some songs.

In Brussels participates in the great concert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the unification European Union.

Part of Olympia in Paris, with two sold-out concerts, Fly World Tour 2007, in the presence of ‘average’ both Italian and international. The band that accompanies it is composed of: Polo Jones (bass), David Sancious (keyboards and guitar), Kat Dyson (guitar and vocals), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Adriano Molinari (drums) and Sara Grimaldi (chorus).

The American television network WOIW21 New York Public Television, transmits for the first time ever for the United States the concert event of 2004 “ZU & Co.” which saw Sugar protagonist on the stage of the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, with many guests.

Is rewarded by Giancarlo Giannini in the Wind Music Awards in Rome.

Surprisingly plays at Parc Des Eau Vives in front of 40,000 people to celebrate the victory of Alinghi America’s Cup

Out promotional single, fourth from FLY, “A Kilo” which becomes the hit of the summer.

This concludes the first part of the Fly World Tour 2007 which saw him starring in 60 European cities and the Italian recording sold out almost everywhere.

Resumes from Kiev, the European Tour.

Big event at the Arena di Verona: three consecutive nights sold out, is the first artist of Italian and international for three nights in a row is sold out Arena. Is added to the usual band horn section consisting of: Giuseppe Caruso (trombone), Maximum Greek (trumpet), Eric Daniel and James Thompson (sax).

After a concert “warm up” in Boston, Sugar made his debut with the American tour at Carnegie Hall in New York, and then continue in Canada and South America. The band is slightly modified with the exception of Sara Grimaldi.

Back in Europe and in Italy from November to December for the last part of the 2007 tour, the band is, as always, consisting of: Polo Jones (bass), David Sancious (keyboards and guitar), Kat Dyson (guitar and backing vocals ), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Adriano Molinari (drums) and Sara Grimaldi (chorus).

Is presented at a press conference in Rome ALL THE BEST a double CD that collects the most successful with the addition of some covers and unreleased songs the album is released worldwide, but with slightly modified track list.Coinciding is released in DVD ALL THE BEST VIDEO COLLECTION.


From the end of March the All The Best World Tour 2008. The accompanying band consists of: Polo Jones (bass), David Sancious (keyboards and guitar), Kat Dyson (guitar and vocals), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Adriano Molinari (drums), the tour will see him in the major cities European concerts memorable as the Royal Albert Hall, the Kremlin, San Siro, Rock in Rio in Madrid, London’s Hyde Park, etc …

New radio single “All the colors of my life”

The first part of the tour ends in Milan with the “San Siro Stadium Theatre”, for one night only stage SanSiro ??becomes the largest theater of the world to the usual accompanying band for the occasion is added horn section formed by: Massimo Greek (trumpet and flugelhorn), James Thompson (tenor sax, baritone sax and flute) and Beppe Caruso (trombone and bass trombone)

Participates in Energy Globe Award taking place in the venerable Plenary of the Legislature at the European Parliament in Brussels

Join the 46,664 London (Hyde Park) for the 90th anniversary of Nelson Mandela, the event brings together some of the biggest international stars such as Will Smith, Queen and Annie Lennox. For the occasion, Zucchero sang “Everybody’s got to learn sometime” with special guest Jivan Gasparyan

Given the enormous success of SanSiro ??Stadium Theatre, begins an Italian tour in stadiums, which tracks the success in Milan

Back in the United States and Canada for All The Best World Tour and return to play after one year at Carnegie Hall in New York again sold out

Join the memorial and the concert “Salute Petra” in honor of Luciano Pavarotti in the beautiful setting of Petra in Jordan.During the tribute concert sings: “So In Blue ‘,’ Va, Pensiero” and “Miserere” which is virtually duettata with the celebrated tenor.

In conjunction with the memorial concert was released a CD and a DVD “THE DUETS” by Luciano Pavarotti that includes “Miserere” sung with sugar during the first Pavarotti and Friends.

Join the evening tribute to Jivan Gasparyan held in Yerevan in Armenia together with Peter Gabries, Andreas Wallenvider, Alan Parson and other great artists

In November he was released documentary “EFFEDIA – ON MY BAD ROAD.” An excerpt from the video recording of “I saw Nina fly”, filmed March 12, 2000 during the concert “Faber Amico Fragile” at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa is included in this documentary.

Is released a new album “LIVE IN ITALY” 2 cd and 2 dvd summarizing the diVerona and concerts at the San Siro stadium in Milan, and contains 34 tracks including 4 inedititi, the disc is preceded by the single radio show “One Caress” . The musicians who collaborate on the disc are: Sugar, Polo Jones, David Sancious, Kat Dyson, Mario Schiliro, Adriano Molinari, Massimo Greek, James Thompson, Beppe Caruso, Eric Daniel, Sara Grimaldi then the band starts for the first time for ‘ Australia, for four big concerts in major cities.

After Australia’s caravan tour moves to England for a series of concerts before the last part of “Live In Italy Tour” which takes place in the main Italian stadiums (with Jeff Beck in Rome surprise guest) and terminating one year and a half of 207 concerts in 5 continents and almost all sold out.


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