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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.

In the Netherlands is published “ZU & COmpany” in this version of the song “Blue” is sung by Ilse De Lange

With Ilse De Lange, with which he sings the song “Blue”, took part in several television and radio broadcasts Dutch and German.

Guest during the Edison Award Gala performs with Ilse De Lange and Toots Thielemans “Blue”

Part in the “Night Of The Proms” playing in 12 stages in France, accompanied by a large orchestra conducted by Robert Groslot performs “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”, “Without a woman (Without a woman),” “The Flight”, ” Baila (Sexy Thing) “,” Devil in me “and then with various guests sang” Let it be ”

Part in the “Music For Asia” as the chief guest and singing “Dune moves” and “Così celeste” with Cheb Mami

DVD version is published in “Live at the Kremlin”

Only 46664 ambassador present at the event “Festival 46664 Comunidad de Madrid” which takes place in the Spanish capital performs as chief guest in the final evening. Sings: “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”, “Without a Woman”, “Asì heavenly” with Sergio Dalma, “Baila Morena” and “Devil in me”

The song “Who will the next fool be”, recorded in 2000 with Mark Knopfler, Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana and Jools Holland at the historic Abbey Road Studios in London, was released as a b-side of the new remix of “Without a woman ( Without a woman) ”

It is the first Italian artist to have the entire discography published on the new sound recording: SuperAudio CD

At a major film festival presents the award for his career to director Francis Ford Coppola

Is published in the American chain Starbucks cd WE ARE THE FUTURE, the recording of the concert organized by Quincy Jones at the Circus Maximus, Sugar is present with the song “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”

Participate in the “46664 Arctic” which takes place in Tromsø, Norway. He sang “Without a Woman” and a duet with Brian May performed “So Heavenly” and “Everybody’s got to learn sometime” accompanied by Brian May on guitar and Sharon Corr on violin. The evening ended with all the artists on stage to sing the song by Johnny Clegg “Asimbonanga”


Is released in the U.S. the album “SUGAR & Co.” entering directly on the Billboard charts

Concerts in Paris and Rome Live 8 are published on DVD, the DVD of Rome Sugar sings “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”, “Overdose (Love)” and “Devil in me” while in Paris to perform “The flight “and” Devil in me ”

Publication of the box “SUGAR & Co. THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION DUETS”, a box containing the DVD of the legendary concert at the Royal Albert Hall, the so-called “ZU & COmpany” and a second CD containing twelve new duets with the likes of Eric Clapton , Mark Knopfler, BB King, Bryan Adams, Randy Crawford, Sinead O’Connor, and others.


In France comes “Les Bronzés 3″, the third installment of the famous saga French, after a week the film was seen by 1,000,000 people decreeing the success already. The title song from the soundtrack is “Baila Morena” in the version sung with Mana reaching the top of the standings French

Sugar was awarded the title of Commander by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

Was released the first promotional single by Irene Fornaciari “Chew Air”, one of the authors Sugar

Out in all Italian stores the collection of Francesco De Gregori entitled BETWEEN A POSTER AND THE MIRROR which includes a version of Diamond sung by singer Roman

To anticipate the release of the new album, was chosen as the single “Bacco Perbacco”

Is published in Italy, in Europe and in the rest of the world the new CD “FLY how we can fly with the eagles if we are surrounded by turkeys …”, which is’ now at no. 1 and stays there for several weeks. The album, produced with Don Was, was presented to the Italian and foreign press, in the picturesque setting of Venice. The musicians who play are: Sugar, Randy Jackson, Matt Chamberlain, Lenny Castro, Krish Sharma, Jamie Muhoberac, Brian Auger, Robyx, Mino Vergnaghi, Sara Grimaldi, Irene Fornaciari, Arthur Miles, Chance, Waddy Wachtel, Pino Palladino, Amir Questlove Thompson, Greig Leisz, Tim Pierce, Matt Chamberlain, Davey Farragher, Kenny Aronoff, Jim Keltner, Paul Bushnell, Michael Landau, Max Marcolini, Patrick Warren, Robyx, Music Academy of Florence – Scandicci. The authors are: Sugar, Robyx, Cancogni, Marcolini, Mattei, Church, Fossati, Nicholas, Jovanotti

Was released the second promotional single “Eyes”

Out worldwide disk Sam Moore OVERNIGHT SENSATIONAL, in which Zucchero duets with the legendary soul man: “You Are So Beautiful” accompanied by Billy Preston (Hammond organ), Eric Clapton (guitar) and Robert Randolph (pedal steel)

Is published in a book where Massimo Cotto has collected interviews that Sugar has released to all newspapers beginning of his career to date, entitled “Encounters with the devil and holy water” approved by Zucchero who wanted to add to the cover this statement of his: ‘These offal of heart and soul put together for this book should be used with caution! This heart scattered “is delicate.” ‘

Was released the second promotional single of Irene Fornaciari “I do not live here anymore,” one of the authors Sugar

Out the new work by Laura Pausini in which the singer ricanta “As the sun suddenly” with Johnny Halliday, the song is ricantato in Spanish and is titled “How Inesperado El Sol” and is performed only by the Italian singer.

The Italian version of “As the sun suddenly” sung by Laura Pausini is only used as a soundtrack for the film “Salvatore – This is my life”, the first Italian film by first-time weblog Disney Giampaolo Cugno.

The version of “You Are So Beautiful” included in the new album Sam Moore was nominated for the 49th Grammy Award in the category “Traditional R & B Vocal”

Is published a best of Elisa in which ‘content with the song in which the singer won the Sanremo Festival 2001, “Light-northeast sunsets” and the text’ was written by Zucchero.


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