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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.

It is published in a compilation called Holland HET BESTE ITU DENK HENK AAN DE LIVE SESSIES containing an acoustic version of the song “So heavenly.”

The “Festival di Sanremo” is presented as the author of two songs: “Light (sunsets northeast)” sung by Elisa and “The sun and blue” sung by Georgia, the two songs are ranked first and second respectively in addition, Elisa also won the critics’ prize.

Ninth edition of “The Sugar Night”.

Bryan Adams publishes a CD single sung in Italian the title is I LIVE (IN YOU) the text was written by Sugar, the single also includes the English version of the song and another song.

Is published reprint disk Bryan Adams THE BEST OF ME where song is included Zucchero “I live (in you).”

Publication of the new single “Baila (sexy thing)” that anticipates a few months the new album.

In the shops you can find the new album SHAKE in Italian, the musicians who play are: Sugar, Corrado Rustici (guitar / keyboards), Zachary Alford (drums), Polo Jones and Pino Palladino (bass), Luis Luciano Luisi (keyboards ) and John O’Brien (programming) work together to recording: Mino Vergnaghi, Chance, Arthur Miles, James Thompson, Werther Dal Monte, David Sancious, Roy Rogers, Massimo Marcolini, Ray Charles, David Danzy Devito, Robyx and Sarah Eden Davis , is present as a special guest: John Lee Hooker, and the authors are: Sugar, Hayes and Porter, Robyx, Luisi, Panella, De Gregori.

The new single “Ahum” is available in stores.

It is published the English version of SHAKE translations of the lyrics are by Sarah Eden Davis.

In libraries you can find the book on Sugar titled “Music for viola and other organs of love.”

Host to the “Red Cross Gala” Gala of the British Red Cross.

Participate as superospite to “Fifa football world player gala” in Zurich, where the famous festival is given the Golden Ball.

Ended the year with a concert in Cagliari preview of the tour is about to begin the accompanying band is made up of Luciano Luisi (MD / keyboards), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Gaetano Diodato (bass), Derek Wilson (drums), James Thompson (horn) and Elaine Jackson (vocals).


Zero after the date part from Zurich Shake the World Tour 2002, the band that accompanies it is formed by: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Polo Jones (bass), Zachary Alford (drums), James Thompson (wind and vocals), Lisa Hunt and Elaine Jackson (vocals); guest in Zurich Paul Young who sang with Sugar “Without a woman.”

Publication of the new single “Dindondio” in which is included the song De Andrè “I saw nina volare” starring Sugar during the concert in memory of the great singer-songwriter made Genoa last year.

SHAKE is released in a Spanish version called the translations are handled by Nuria, Raquel Diaz and Pau Donés.

This concludes the first part of the tour was hosted by the start date Paul Young.

SHAKE publish the cd version with special tour included a CD with 4 songs also some live songs on the album are different from the original version.

Closes with an audience of 500,000 people now important musical gathering of the “May 1st workers” in Rome, the tour starts with this date training that accompanies it is formed by: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Polo Jones (bass), Adriano Molinari (drums), James Thompson (woodwinds and vocals), Lisa Hunt and Elaine Jackson (vocals).

Now, as every year is a guest at the “Pavarotti International” she sang with the maestro Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli “Miserere”, then with his own band performing “I hear the bells”, also with all the artists of the evening singing the famous song of Beatles’ “Hey Jude.”

He has performed as a guest at the Swiss Red Cross Gala in Geneva.

Tenth edition of “Sugar Night” Sugar presents with friends: Alex Parks, Luisa Corna, Michele torpedo, the grandson David, daughter Irene and Andrea Bocelli sings: “Picture” with her daughter Irene Fornaciari, “I saw nina volare “with his nephew David Daughters,” Devil in Me “,” X whose fault? “with Alex Parks,” Hey man “with Alex Parks,” Proud Mary “with Luisa Corna, Michele Torpedo (drums) and Fio Zanotti (piano), “Miserere” with Andrea Bocelli and before saying goodbye to invite all the friends on stage to dance and sing “Baila”.

Publication of the new CD by Mina POISON that includes the song also written by Sugar: “Sucking the grapes.”

In the United States comes out on DVD GOOD ROCKIN ‘TONIGHT Sugar sings “Who will the next fool be” with Mark Knopfler and Scotty Moore on guitar, Jools Holland on piano, and DJ Fontana on drums.

Worldwide is published THE FREDDIE MERCURY TRIBUTE CONCERT SPECIAL 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION the famous concert in 1992 reissued on DVD.

In Parma, with a date in favor of the “FAO” begins a mini tour that took him to several European capitals, the band that accompanies him saw the substitution of Polo Jones and Lisa Hunt respectively Gaetano Diodato and Sara Grimaldi.

Out in all cinemas SPIRIT WILD HORSE the new cartoon’s Christmas Dream Works with the soundtrack sung by Italian sugar, for the lyrics was made by his daughter Irene help the seven tracks are: “I’m here”, “I’ll “,” Always go back “,” Get off me “,” Sound the horn “,” I’ll reprise “,” Always (and) forever. “


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