1999 -2000

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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.


In Genoa, accompanied by Luciano Luisi and the band of Fabrizio De Andrè performs “I saw Nina fly” for the event organized in memory of the Genoese singer-songwriter, “Faber, fragile friend … a night for the past”, the proceeds of the evening, the participation of other stars of Italian music, will be donated to charity.

In the Netherlands, is published a compilation entitled SESSIES 2 METER VOLUME 9 contains a studio version of the song “Everybody’s Talkin ‘”.

Invited to Germany by Lothar Mattheus, his great admirer, played before the game farewell to football great German champion.

Again present the “Pavarotti International” performed his “A wonderful world” and “Everybody’s talking” soundtrack of the film “Midnight Cowboy”, also with the various guests of the evening singing the famous song by the Beatles “All you need is love “are printed also on CD and video in reduced form entitled PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS FOR CAMBODIA AND TIBET.

The official site of sugar you can listen online full version of the song “Everybody’s talking” recorded live during the “Pavarotti International” The song was never released on record.

Eighth edition of “Sugar Night” Sugar this with friends: Sorapis, Mino Vergnaghi, Maurizio Vandelli, Giorgia and sings: “So heavenly”, “I can not turn you loose” with the Sorapis, “Gimme some lovin ‘” with the Sorapis, “Proud Mary” with Mino Vergnaghi, “Long train running” with Mino Vergnaghi, “A salty dog” with Maurizio Vandelli, “I tramp” with Maurizio Vandelli, “I think you” with Maurizio Vandelli ” September 29 “with Maurizio Vandelli,” A little help “with Giorgia,” Respect “with Giorgia,” Knock on wood “with Georgia,” Before you accusations Me “with The Sorapis,” Devil in Me, “” Because of who ? “.

The CD is MOMENT OF GLORY of the famous metal band Scorpions with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Sugar sings with the group and orchestra song “Send me an angel.”

Guest at “Expo 2000″ accompanied by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra performed “Va pensiero” and the Scorpions “Send me an angel.”

France is the cd SOLIDAYS ALBUM project, involving different artists, to raise funds to combat AIDS in Africa, is included in the playlist album “Mama” sung by Zucchero with Johnny Hallyday, and ” Here sait? “an excerpt from Erick Benzi played by Zucchero, Anggun, Patrick Bruel, Stephan Eicher, Faudel, Peter Gabriel, Lââm, Lokua Kanza, Youssou N’Dour and Axelle Red Nourith.


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