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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.

Is published in the limited version of THE BEST OF SUGAR SUGAR’S GREATEST HITS FORNACIARI with a CD single in tribute where the tracks are engraved: “It’s all right (the promise)” and “Nothing to lose”.

In the shops you can find the cd single MINT AND ROSEMARY included with “A Little Help” (featuring Eric Clapton) recording made at “Pavarotti International”.

Exits the Spanish version of THE BEST OF SUGAR SUGAR FORNACIARI’S GREATEST HITS translations of original songs are performed by: Andreu and Martin Ortiz.

He was invited to a French TV program with Texas and sings the song “The Letter”.

Breakdowns THE BEST OF SUGAR SUGAR FORNACIARI’S GREATEST HITS tour that will in South America, the United States and Europe with a band formed by: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Polo Jones (bass), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Derek Wilson ( drums), Lisa Hunt (vocals), James Thompson and Massimo Greek (horns).

For the South American market is a smaller version of the printed collection of hits titled 12 EXITOS.

In favor of Rain Forest is done a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York organized by Sting and his wife Trudy with the participation of many great artists, Zucchero performed the song “Va, pensiero (fly, thoughts)” which will be included in the CD CARNIVAL .

In Naples is a concert live on TV for the Telecom training that accompanies it are added to the occasion: Manu Katche (drums), Stevie Winwood (piano), Roberto Manzin, Giuliano Giannini (horns), Vanessa Mulder and Veronique Mendy ( backing vocals).

The tour ended with a big rally fan club, guests at certain times of the latter tour Corrado Rustici, Stevie Winwood and Manu Katche.

Hits the shelves the soundtrack of the film “Prince Valiant” titled PRINCE VALIANT ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK where he sings in tandem with Alannah Miles the song “What are we waiting for.”

Fifth edition of “Sugar Night” Sugar takes the stage and sings “The sea …”, “Respect”, “Va ‘pensiero”, “So heavenly” and “X whose fault?”.

Is released the album THE BLUES COLLECTION, where Zucchero and his band along with Buddy Guy performs the song “Before you accusations me” recording made at the “World Rhythm Festival”.

On the occasion of the “Exhibition of the Venice Film” performs with Gerard Depardieu singing the song “A Little Help”, which is released as a single in France: the proceeds are donated to charity the Foundation for Research and Prevention of AIDS chaired by prof. Montagnier.

The recording of the video for “Va, pensiero” participates Gerard Depardieu.

Guest Bocelli duet with tenor the song “Miserere” accompanied by the orchestra philharmonic Italian dir. Marcello Rota, and the evening was filmed by American television and is put on sale as a cassette with the title ANDREA BOCELLI A NIGHT IN TUSCANY.

DEUCES WILD out a tribute to BB King, Sugar plays with the legendary bluesman the song “Let the good times roll.”

For Christmas is reprinted THE BEST OF SUGAR SUGAR’S GREATEST HITS FORNACIARI with the addition of the song “Va, pensiero”.

Are printed tracks “Mama” with Johnny Hallyday and “A Little Help” starring Gerard Depardieu, who are part of the updated version of THE BEST OF SUGAR SUGAR FORNACIARI’S GREATEST HITS French.


For the soundtrack of the film “Widows”, Zucchero performed the song “Happy birthday to me” the title of the CD is ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK WIDOWS.

He has performed in New York at the “Annual Award Grammies” invited by Luciano Pavarotti sings “Va, pensiero”.

Was invited by Roman Polanski in Gstaad, the city where he plays the “Cinemusic International Festival”, flanked by Vangelis and a large orchestra performs “Va, pensiero”.

Comes a tribute to Elvis Costello called BESPOKE SONGS, LOST DOGS, Detours & RENDEZVOUS SONGS OF ELVIS COSTELLO It included the song “Miss Mary.”

Also this year is host to the “Pavarotti International” where he performs “Va, pensiero” with Luciano Pavarotti, “Mint and rosemary” and the various guests of the evening singing “Peace wanted just to be free”, will be released on video while from cd will be excluded “Mint and rosemary” the title will PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS FOR THE CHILDREN OF LIBERIA.

Sixth edition of “Sugar Night”.

The song “Let the good times roll” recorded with BB King is the soundtrack of the new film by Sharon Stone “The mighty” in Italy presented with the title of “The Mighty.”

The new album is preceded by the single BLUE, which is presented on the day of his birthday.

BLUESUGAR is published in Italian and English, the musicians who play are: Sugar, Corrado Rustici (guitar / keyboards), Michael Urbano (drums) and Benny Rietveld (bass guitar), collaborating to recordings: Mark Feltham, Massimo Marcolini, Will Malone , Katie Kissoon, Shirley Goss, Mino Vergnaghi Rosi and Leonardo, as guests are: Stevie Winwood and Irene Fornaciari, the authors are: Sugar, Rosi, Marcolini, Panella, A. Fornaciari, I. Fornaciari, Farè, Tonet, Cogliati, Buchanan, Bono and Bazilian.

The presentation of the new album is also given the CD TICKET, the new tickets for the concerts of sugar that you can also listen; cd is recorded in a unprecedented acoustic blues.

In a television along with Sheryl Crow performs “Blue”.

E ‘for sale the Christmas version of BLUESUGAR with a box covered with a piece of cloth ghepardata.


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