1995 – 1996

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Polo Jones w/Zu & Co.


Invited by Dan Aykroyd performs at the House of Blues in a gala to celebrate the 46th birthday of John Belushi performs “Devil in Me” and “You are so beautiful” accompanied by the Blues Brothers Band, during the execution of Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd dancing on stage wearing the traditional clothes of the Blues Brothers.

It comes in contemporary world DIVINE SPIRIT recorded in Italian, English and Spanish, the band consists of: Sugar, Corrado Rustici (guitar), Polo Jones (bass), Luciano Luisi (keyboards) and Steve Smith (drums), as musicians participating Rosario Jermano, Pat MacDonald, Lisa Hunt, Jenny Bersola, Mino Vergnaghi, Arthur Miles, Manuela Cortesi, Tessa Niles, Antonella Pepe, Katie Kissoon, New Orleans Gospel Choir (dir. Lester Snell) and the Choir of OLSMM, as guests we are: David Sancious, Johnnie Johnson, Sheila E., Clarence Clemmons, Jeff Beck, Leo Nocentelli, Andrew Love and Wayne Jackson; songwriters were: Sugar, Luisi, De Gregori, Jovanotti, Salerno, MacDonald, Palladino, Clark, Addison , Paez, Toro and Andreu.


Released in the U.S. the video cassette THE RETURN OF THE BLUES BROTHERS, recording of the evening in honor of John Belushi, Zucchero sang the song “Devil in me”.

The song “Feels like a woman” is the soundtrack of the film “French kiss”.

Participate in the “Pavarotti International” where he performs: “X whose fault?”, “So heavenly” sung with Luciano Pavarotti and Small dell’Antoniano choir directed by Mariele Ventre and, with various guests singing “Nessun dorma” is released the video CD with the title of PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS FOR THE CHILDREN OF BOSNIA.

After a few dates at festivals abroad, to start up the band, part of the DIVINE SPIRIT tour that will go into the major Italian cities and European musicians who accompany him are: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Polo Jones (bass), James Thompson and Massimo Greek ( horns), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Frank Tontoh (drums), Lisa Hunt and Bill Vergnaghi (chorus).

Third edition of the festival “Sugar Night.”

He won the award for best album of the year “Festivalbar”.

Nina Hagen awards at the Zenith in Paris for the “MTV Europe Music Award” as the best of the group U2.

This concludes the first part of the tour which saw guests like Brian May, Paul Young, Francesco De Gregori, Corrado Rustici and Eric Clapton.

DIVINE SPIRIT is printed tape that contains the new songs and unreleased live footage for the past two years.

Out the Christmas edition of DIVINE SPIRIT with a free CD single engraved with “A Little Help” live version recorded during the tour, the project aims to raise awareness to the problem of AIDS and the proceeds of the transaction is in favor of the foundation for research and prevention of AIDS chaired by prof. Montagnier.


DIVINE SPIRIT comes to America in the lineup with the addition of the song “Diamond”, an unreleased version of “Mama” and an introduction to the song “OLSMM (X secular organization the protection and maintenance of marriages) “new.

Guest at the Eric Clapton concert at the Royal Albert Hall takes the stage and sings “Before you accusations me.”

DIVINE SPIRIT is reprinted in Spain with a new version of the song “El Vuelo” and adding “Por culpa de quien?”.


Shares the DIVINE SPIRIT tour begins from the United States and was a great success, then switches to France and ends in Italian stadiums and the accompanying band consists of: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Mario Schiliro (guitar), Derek Wilson (drums), Polo Jones (bass), James Thompson (horn), Lisa Hunt and Bill Vergnaghi (vocals), whereas in Italian dates in the horn section is added Maximum Greek.

The new single FLIGHT limited edition to promote the summer tour.

He was awarded the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo during the “1996 World Music Award” by Alberto Tomba and Maria Grazia Cucinotta, as an Italian artist who has sold the most in the world in 1995 for the occasion sings the song “The Flight”.

Closes the traditional “rock festival May 1″ in Rome in front of an audience of over 400,000 people missing from the band for personal reasons, the exposure Luciano Luisi replaced for the occasion by Nico Caretta.

He was invited to a French TV program and Noa sings with an unreleased version of “Your Song” and “Feels like a woman.”

Sugar is the first Italian artist who appears on “The Faber Companion to 20th century popular music” the most authoritative encyclopedia of modern music of the twentieth century.

Punctual as every year submit to the “Pavarotti International” and performs “My Love”, “A little help” with Eric Clapton on guitar and various dormant “Live like Horses” will be printed and video, in reduced form, the cd with the exception of a few songs from the playlist, including “A Little Help”, the title will PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS FOR WAR CHILD.

Participate in “La fete de la musique de la Republique in Paris” as the most successful artist of the year.

Only Italian who participates in the “Montreux Jazz Festival” performs after the legendary Little Richard.

He performs in Milan at the “World Rhythm Festival” where he as a guest on guitar the legendary Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy.

Fourth edition of “Sugar Night”.

Take part in a tribute to Sergio Mendes entitled OCEAN: The recorded song is “An ocean of silence.”

Belgium is set up the event “IFPI Platinum Europe Awards” to reward artists in Europe have sold over a million copies, Sugar is rewarded for the more than two million album sales.

Party with a new tour with the same band to promote the collection of success.

Is published all over the world THE BEST OF SUGAR SUGAR FORNACIARI’S GREATEST HITS, a collection of his successes enriched by three new songs that were recorded with: Corrado Rustici (guitar), Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Polo Jones (bass) and Manu Katche (drums), on this occasion is the print in Italian and in English as the authors of the new songs are: Sugar, Salerno and Difford.

Go on a tour that brings in major European cities; important dates Brunico made with live TV on stage at 2000 meters. above sea level and one at the Paradiso club where the Rolling Stones recorded a live album, guests on certain dates Andreas Vollenweider and Soraya.



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