Polo Jones Humanitarian & Philanthropic Efforts

Over the years , Polo Jones , along with various colleagues he has produced at Electric Crow Productions  or perhaps artists mentored within his Media Entertainment Music Group (MEMG)  development  programs,  has remained diligent and focused upon needs of his community and the world at large in times of crisis and natural disasters. .  His vision of the world as one global community is not just a concept, but a very real  belief instilled within all  MEMG artist development programs as well as personal philanthropic efforts..   Polo has always been a first responder to various world crisis, and utilizes his veteran status withing the entertainment industry to rally support and participation in numerous worthwhile  disaster relief efforts  such as Low Notes For Nashville Flood Victims,   The Tsunami Relief  efforts,   donating his time and knowledge/expertise in media  production services   to various relief organizations in an effort  to raise money, help replenish food banks, provides  clothing disaster Earthquake Disaster victims  around  the globe. Along with his partner Zucchero, he has also  participated in other humanitarian causes such a  Mandela Day  & Pavarotti w Friends etc. benefit concerts/events.   When disaster strikes, you’ll usually  find Polo on the front lines mobilizing and enlisting support  for his  “Music For World Healing” Programs  which typically include benefit concerts & performances by key MEMG artists as well as established music industry luminaries.